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For the past couple of decades Assisted ElderCare Placements has been part of a privately funded organization, involved in on-going Alzheimer’s (Dementia Disease) research.

Initially, research was focused on distinguishing between the two basic types of Dementia: That which results from a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, and that which results from an ‘adverse reaction’; i.e., where normal memory recall is temporarily affected by such factors as infection, improper medication, allergic reaction, electrolyte imbalance, etc.

Although issues from the two types of dementia (confusion, disorientation, inability to remember, etc.) may seem similar, their are differences.

Additionally, their issues can overlap.

However, the overall product of the research collaboration is the Consultation Technique Activity, or simply, the CTA, which is an activity that facilitates towards the repair of early to moderate staged Alzheimer’s conditions.


  1. The CTA is only an activity… and does not involves medications/pharmaceuticals.
  2. The factor that determines the effectiveness of the CTA is not the perceived, or ‘seeming’, level of damage, but the individual’s ability to remain focused and to communicate without undue drift. Translation: Early to moderate stage Alzheimer’s involving little to no short-term memory is not a problem.

Please read on with the two following pages, under the heading, ‘CTA.’


While Alzheimer’s may be repairable, nonetheless, the need for Assisted Living will not diminish anytime soon… AND, Assisted ElderCare Placements will always be available to meet your needs!

* Information contained is derived by way of research, in association with Assisted ElderCare Placements; P.O. Box 31171, Tucson, AZ. 520-870-5460;

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