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Briefly, Alzheimer’s* 

Alzheimer’s is a nasty debilitating condition.  It begins by stripping away our memories,  and unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  Along the way, it takes away the ability to think, to focus, and to learn anything new, while eliminating the ability of independent living.  It takes away knowledge of family, friends,  as well as self, and along the way it installs issues like paranoia, anxiety, and even aggressive combativeness, and ends with death.

                                                                                                                   Briefly, Alzheimer’s Correction*

Alzheimer’s correction comes about by a non-medical, non-invasive activity, called the Coaching Technique Activity, or CTA.  However, just as ‘whiplash’ is attended to by a Chiropractor, and not an MD, Alzheimer’s Correction is implemented by a Coaching Correction Coach.  In short, the CTA probes and targets areas of memory that are hampered by Alzheimer’s, then guides the memory recall process around the obstruction.  Then over time and repetition, the brain learns to do this on its own, and along the way, its normal maintenance system removes any Alzheimer’s-caused damage, including the often heard about plaques and tangles.


A quick shoutout about strokes.  Although they correct the same as Alzheimer’s.  If a longstanding paralysis is present.  The weakened muscles may additionally require physical therapy, which is not a part of the CTA.  

* Information contained is derived by way of research, in association with Assisted ElderCare Placements; P.O. Box 31171, Tucson, AZ. 520-870-5460; www.aecplacement.com

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