Assisted Living:
Finding the Best Care Option for Your Needs!

Assisted Living/Senior Living is not about ‘Cookie Cutter…
One Size Fits All.’ It is about what is right for you:

Let My Experience Work for You!

And Ending with a Smooth Transition for You
And Your Loved One!

 General Assisted Living Information

Assisted Living happens when a person, usually a senior, cannot live safely on their own, and the reasons can vary:


It is not uncommon that people enter into Assisted Living considerably after the need began.  Therefore, they may be malnourished or improperly (self) medicated, or both, and any such issues can negatively magnify the appearance of both cognitive and physical conditions.

Failing Memories

Although memory issues occur with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, other factors such as infections, psychiatric disorders, malnourishment, improperly medicated, etc., can also cause memory problems.  Additionally, until the cause of the memory issues becomes corrected, safe independent living will most likely not happen.

Alzheimer’s Repair

For information regarding ‘Alzheimer’s Repair’, please continue into the next three pages.

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"AECP, we are so thankful for all the time and energy that you spent in getting Mom in the great care home. It seems to be a good fit, its close and Mom won’t have to move when she becomes ALTCS."
~ Mark & Sheila C. of Tucson
"Bill, we are so thankful for your assistance! Although Mom has since passed away, the time she spent at the Assisted Community while receiving Chemo was just what the doctor ordered!"
~ Monica S. of Tucson
"Bill thanks for the great job you did for Dad – from helping us understand his Alzheimer’s condition to finding the care facility and clarifying the finances that were involved."
~ Jeff & Mary B., Out of Town
"Bill, you certainly made Mom’s whole ordeal manageable. I was totally lost when Mom was in the hospital but you were there to piece everything together one step at a time and Mom is recovering well and actually quite happy in her care home."
~ Marsha E., Out of Town
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