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 Assisted Living: 

Q: Who pays for Assisted Living?

A: Payment is either out-of-pocket, Long-Term Care Insurance, or Medicaid (In Arizona, ALTCS.)

Q: Can I visit during the Covid problem?

A: Facilities follow accepted protocol, which may include masks, designated areas, etc.

Q: What additional costs are associated with Assisted Living?

A: Aside of meds, potentially a separate care level, and potentially, personal items such as those associated with incontinence.

Q: Do Assisted Living Facilities offer activities for residents?

A: Although they are required to provide activities, the larger facilities are generally better budgeted for activities.

Q: Once moved in, what if we decide we want another facility instead?

A: In Arizona, contracts are month to month, with a 30 day notice.

Q: Can an independent person live in an Assisted Living Facility?

A: Regulation (law) prohibits such.

Alzheimer’s Correction:

Q: What does correction mean?

A: The brain will return to normal activity… the ability to ‘remember’ will return.

Q: Are medications involved?

A: No, the CTA is non-medical, is none-invasive, and does not involve medications.

Q: Do memories during Alzheimer’s return?

A: If memories were stored correctly during Alzheimer’s, they are typically recallable after correction.

Q: What happens with the paranoia, Sundowners, and other issues?

A: Because they are byproducts of Alzheimer’s, they are also corrected.

Q: Can correction lead to independent living?

A: Although cognitive processes will return to normal, factors such as guardianship are a different matter.

Q: After correction, will Alzheimer’s return?

A: Research and experience indicate the brain learns to avoid its reoccurrence.  

Note: The CTA is only an activity and does not involve medications. For further information, call 520-870-5460.

* For early to moderate stage Alzheimer’s conditions.

* Information contained is derived by way of research, in association with Assisted ElderCare Placements; P.O. Box 31171, Tucson, AZ. 520-870-5460; www.aecplacements.com        

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